Flanagan seeks

USPA Governor-at-Large Pamela Flanagan on Preserving the Manipuri Pony

March 2, 2020

“I must say my experience in Manipur was certainly unique. Like most international tournaments, we were able to meet incredible polo women from around the world,” says Flanagan.... “Here I had the amazing experience of playing on what is arguably the descendants of the first polo ponies, the Manipuri Pony.”

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Conference on Conservation of Manipuri Ponies

Conference on Conservation of the Manipuri Pony

January 19, 2019
Manipur University

First conference on the Manipuri Pony was held as part of the 4th Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournanent. With experts from USA, Argentina, Canada and Kenya. Organized by Centre for Manipur Studies.

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Polo Attire in Manipur

Polo Attire in Manipur

November 29, 2018
The Voice of Fashion

From museum quality Manipuri polo costumes to the outfits of players for a women's tournament in Imphal, a fast trot costume story that includes the braids and pompoms of the Manipuri Pony.

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Manipuri Ponies and Origins of Polo

Sahapedia: Manipuri Ponies and Origins of Polo

I heard about the Manipuri Pony in 2013 from L. Somi Roy, a cultural conservationist in Manipur, and was immediately intrigued when I was told it was the world's original polo pony....


Sports Illustrated on Manipuri Pony Preservation

Sports Illustrated on Manipuri Pony Preservation

The patience and dedication of a few have given a new lease of life to the Manipur's dwindling pony population but there is a long way to go.


In the Kingdom of Dying Ponies

In the Kingdom of Dying Ponies

Polo hails from the forgotten, violent state of Manipur, India. Can anyone save its endangered, fabled horses ?

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International Polo and Pony Preservation

International Polo and Pony Preservation

A short by Stashd Films from Nagaland on Huntre! Equine's work with USPA and international polo on pony preservation. The 10th Manipur International Polo Tournament, 2016.

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American Public Radio On Polo And Pony Preservation

American Public Radio On Polo And Pony Preservation

How a polo tour in India is helping to protect a rare breed of ponies

Persia claims to be the birthplace of polo, but the modern version of the game comes from the small state of Manipur in northeastern India. The British discovered it there and brought “hockey on horseback” to the West in the 19th century. These days, the West is going back to Manipur to play polo.

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Sandip Roy: Manipuri Polo

Manipur’s court records talk about a game back in the 1st century AD and what’s different about polo in Manipur is that this not just a game for posh country clubs. Even ordinary villagers played it.

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Manipur Cabinet approves state Pony Policy

Manipur Cabinet Approves State Pony Policy

Manipur Pony Conservation and Development Policy has been approved taking into account of the dwindling number of Manipuri pony, which is a rare species found only in the state.



NDTV On Manipuri Pony Preservation

Amba Suhasini of NDTV Good Times visits the shrine to the Manipuri god of polo with preservation spearhead Somi Roy of Huntre! Equine.

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USPA on Pony and Polo

USPA on Pony and Polo

Steve Armour of the USPA and the Houston Polo Club, Ed Armstrong of Yale Equestrian and Polo Center, and L. Somi Roy of Hun-tre! discuss international prospects of Manipuri polo and the Manipuri Pony. Imphal. November 2014.
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Pony Nature Preserve Begun

Pony Nature Preserve Begun

The first of 53 ponies entered the Pony Nature Preserve in Heingang and Khundrakpam in time for USPA, German and Thai polo players to see the first phase of this preservation project to house Imphal's street ponies, homeless since ~1985. Spearheading the move for the preserve, the Chief Minister of Manipur, O. Ibobi Singh also declared the Manipuri Pony and Endangered Breed.
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Manipur, Birthplace of Polo, Donates Exhibit To International Museum Of The Horse

Manipur, Birthplace of Polo, Donates Exhibit To International Museum Of The Horse, November 19, 2012

The International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington unveils a new exhibit chronicling the contributions of the people and ponies of Manipur. This Southeastern Himalayan kingdom, now a state in North East India, introduced the sport of polo to the British in 1854...
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Pony Perservation


April 2008
Imphal, Heingang

Manipuri writer and environmental conservationist MK Binodini Devi visits homeless ponies at Lamphel garbage dump and Ibudhou Marjing Shrine at Heingang and makes a statement to save the Manipuri Pony

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Huntre! Equine's Covid Relief

July 2021
With MP Lorho Pfoze and Satyajit Aribam

We appreciate working through the kind offices of Dr. Lorho Pfoze, MP, and Satyajit Aribam, to bring 100 oxygen concentrators to the rural hill districts of Manipur. Thanks to Sonia Jabbar and the power of women’s polo.
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Polo Yatra goes to Hyderabad

January 22-26, 2020
Hyderabad Polo and Riding Club

Two Manipuri women players, Tanna Thoudam and Neelu Rajkumari, join the IPA team to play with Teams USA and Egypt to play for the International Women’s Arena Polo Cup.
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Great Britain wins 5th Manipur women's tourney marking Polo 150

January 17-21, 2020

Team Great Britain won 5-2 over Team USA to lift the Manipur Statehood Day BSE Cup at the 5th Manipur Statehood Day Women’s Polo Tournament. The tournament which also featured Teams Argentina, Egypt, IPA and Manipur was the closing event of Polo 150, the global celebration of 150 years of arrival of polo in England from India.
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polo coaching clinic

US Rural Polo Coaching Clinic

January 12-15, 2020

The Kumbi Polo Village project of Huntre! Equine begins in Kumbi on the shores of Loktak Lake with an introductory polo coaching for 6 village youth by Ed Armstrong.
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torneo_manipur award

2nd Torneo Manipur Awards Copa
Manipur In Buenos Aires

November 9-10, 2019

Ambassador Dinesh Bhatia awarded the Copa Manipur to La Candeleria de Pilar, winner of the Argentinian ladies polo tournament to select Team Argentina to play in the 5th Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournament in January 2020.
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mpv award

2019 Polo Yatra Press Dossier
USA, Argentina, Kenya,
IPA and Manipur in Imphal and Mumbai

January 17-22, 25, 2019

Argentina lifted the BSE Cup in a tight win over Team USA. Huntre! Equine's Most Improved Team Award went to Team Manipur which tied with Kenya for third place. And Polo Yatra went to Mumbai with Team USA.
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mpv award

Polo Yatra: Edelweiss MVP Award

January 25, 2019
Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai

Anna Winslow-Palacios of Team USA received the first Edelweiss MVP Award from Edelweiss VP Brian Lobo at the Los Polistas International Women's Polo Cup, co-presented by Polo Yatra and featuring Team USA.
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Argentina lift BSE Cup at 4th Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournament

January 21, 2019

Team Argentina won in a shootout after 6-6 draw with Team USA in a heart stopping finals.
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buenos aires

Argentina introduces the Manipur Cup

October 2018
Buenos Aires

Copa Manipur was instituted by the Asociación Argentina de Polo(AAP) in Buenos Aires in 2018. A polo journey to participate in the 4th Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournament, sponsored by Incredible India!, was awarded to the winner of a tournament of 13 Argentinian women's polo teams that was held in the Argentinian capital.
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2018 Tournament Journal
With Teams USA, Australia, Kenya, IPA and Manipur

January 17-21, 2018

Besides the teams and their players, the journal includes articles on the history of polo in Manipur, early British polo in India, the American story of the tournament, and exploring the connection between the Waler and the Manipuri Pony..
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Six women's polo teams - Australia

Teams at 3rd Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournament

January 17-21, 2018

Six women's polo teams - Australia, Indian Polo Association, Kenya, Manipur Marjing, Manipur Thangjing, and USA - played in the field league tournament. Team Kenya took the BSE Cup.
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Polo Yatra 2018 Team Kenya lifts the BSE Cup

Polo Yatra 2018: Team Kenya lifts the BSE Cup

January 21, 2018

Kenya edged United States of America 5-4 to clinch the 3rd Manipur Statehood Day Women’s Polo Tournament at Kangjeibung Grounds in Manipur..

Polo Yatra 2018: Australia, Kenya, US

Polo Yatra 2018: Australia, Kenya, US and 3 Indian women's teams clash in Manipur

January 17-21, 2018

Six women's teams contested in the 3rd Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournament, presented by Manipur Tourism, in a field league tourney for the BSE Cup.

Mumbai Celebrates Women’s Polo

Polo Yatra 2017: Mumbai Celebrates Women’s Polo

January 24, 2017

Steve Armour, Governor-at-Large of the USPA, rings the closing bell at the Bombay Stock Exchange, with assistance from Annabel McNaught-Davis, captain of the Hurlingham Polo Association women’s polo team, after a luncheon hosted by Ashish Chauhan, CEO and Managing Director of the BSE. An Assam High Tea at Ministry of New, hosted by Roopa Barua and L. Somi Roy, partners in Hunter! Equine, and sponsored by TeaTrunk, followed.

USPA Triumphs over HPA in Manipur

Polo Yatra 2017: USPA Triumphs over HPA in Manipur

January 17-21, 2017

Team USPA Women won 9-3 over Hurlingham in the 2nd Manipur Statehood Day Women’s Polo Tournament at Mapal Kangjeibung Polo Ground in Imphal. The three-way league also featured Manipur. The tournament was sponsored by Manipur Tourim, and organized by All Manipur Polo Association.
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Polo Yatra 2017 in Hyderabad

Polo Yatra 2017 in Hyderabad

January 11-4, 2017

Nasr Polo Club of Hyderabad hosted a four-day polo clinic and arena tournament in Hyderabad. The clinics were conducted by Team USPA Women and were held in the morning. The games featured mixed teams of American players from Team USPA and women players from Hyderabad, Chennai and New Delhi. Trophies awarded were the Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Nizam VI & Sir Viqar Um-Umra Cup and the CM Cup.
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Polo Yatra 2017 in Jaipur

Polo Yatra 2017 in Jaipur

January 9, 2017

Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur invited Team USPA to play at Mundota Fort and Palace in Jaipur. The mixed teams also included men and women players from India, England and Switzerland and played for the Antriksh India Jaipur Gold Cup. It was hosted and organized by Vikram Singh Rathore of the House of Mundota, Jaipur.
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Polo Yatra Brings US and UK Women's Polo Teams

Polo Yatra Brings US and UK Women's Polo Teams

The India International Women's Polo Tour of India features Team USPA Women and Hurlingham Polo Association at games and coaching clinics at Jaipur, Hyderabad and Imphal.
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New Polo Project for Team USPA in Manipur - May 2016

New Polo Project for Team USPA in Manipur

Polo Lady (Spain), May 2016

Team USPA Women’s India tour in January was the first time a women’s polo team had visited the country. The team, composed of Cristina Fernandez, Carly Persano, Tiamo Hudspeth and Julia Smith, was led by Steve Armour.
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Team USPA Women in Manipur and Jaipur - Jan 2016

Team USPA Women in Manipur and Jaipur

Huntre!Adventures brings the first women's team to India: Team USPA Women will play in the inaugural Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournament (January 17-21) in Imphal and the Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Cup (January 24) in Jaipur. Click here for the program Details


Hun-tré! Polo Tours 2015

Manipur Polo and Nagaland's Hornbill Festival Tour: Discover an exciting new frontier, India’s North East Region, with a unique equestrian adventure in Manipur and a celebration of tribal culture and sports in Nagaland. With Thomas Cook International and Emma Horne Travel.
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Mongolian and US Polo in Manipur 2014

Hun-tre Polo Tours arranged for the Genghis Khan Polo and Riding Club of Ulaan Bataar and the US from Team USPA to play in the 8th Manipur Polo International Polo Tournament.
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Radio interview with Christopher Giercke, founder


Hun-tré! Polo Tours 2014

(Nov 23 - 30, 2014), a first-ever, unique, exotic polo adventure to the birthplace of modern polo! Hun-tré! Polo Tours is an international venture of Edward Armstrong Polo.
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USPA teams plays in Imphal

USPA team plays in Imphal

A six-member USA team organized by the United States Polo Association was brought by Huntre! to play in the 7th International Manipur Polo Tournament, held in Imphal from November 23-28, 2013.
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Polo Countries

Huntré! Equine Overview by NatashaWozniak.com

Pamela Flanaga

Women’s Polo and the Manipuri Pony

January 5, 2019

Pamela Flanagan in PoloPeoplePlaces

“Wow, these women were tough! The Manipuri women are fearless, determined women with a unique style of play... We were all given an incredible opportunity to immerse ourselves in a different culture and experience a magnificent equine athlete – the Manipuri Pony.”

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Marcus Hancocks

Marcus Hancock on Coaching the Winning British Team in Manipur

Clickpolo UK, February 13, 2020

“This is the best tour I have been s part of, it is an incredible platform for increasing the popularity and enjoyment of women’s polo across the world.”


Polo's Forgotten Matriarchs

Polo's Forgotten Matriarchs

January 5, 2019

Two millennia after the first Manipuri polo match, a women’s team is ushering in a quiet revolution, writes Ananya Bahl in The Hindu.

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Polo Ladies Rock Manipur

Daughters of the Polo God wins Top Prize in New York

December 2, 2018
Equus Film Festival, NYC

Roopa Barua's paean to Manipuri women polo players, and their encounter with Team USPA, wins top Festival Directors Award at the Equus Film Festival.

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Polo Ladies Rock Manipur


Australian, Kenyan, American and Indian women polo players' polo adventure in Manipur. Fan video of "Mundian to Bach Ke ("Beware of the Boys" -Jay-Z Mix)" by Panjabi MC & Jay-Z.

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Podcast from US

Podcast on Women's Polo from US

Team USA polo player Eva Crossman of Lexington KY on FindingTheVoices.com podcast from Md, USA, with host Monica Ingudam.

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Polo Yatra 2017 in Jaipur and Hyderabad

Polo Yatra 2017 in Jaipur and Hyderabad

Polo Yatra 2017 was held in Jaipur and Hyderabad with Team USPA Women before Hurlingham Polo Association joined them in Imphal. Video by Roopa Barua, partner in Huntre! Equine.

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US Consulate in Hyderabad

Polo Yatra 2017: US Consulate in Hyderabad Salutes Women's Polo

Watch this video on Team USPA Women and Indian players game at Nasr Polo.

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Polo Yatra 2017: US Consulate in Hyderabad Salutes Women's Polo

On Huntre! Equine's International Polo and Pony Preservation

Polo players from the US, Kenya and Australia at the men's international polo in November, 2016. With interviews of L. Somi Roy and Ed Armstrong of Huntre! Equine on how polo is being used to spotlight the state of pony preservation. By Stashd Films from Nagaland...
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Polo Yatra 2017: Verve Celebrates Women’s Polo

India’s foremost lifestyle magazine for women attends a high tea for Team USPA Women and Hurlingham Polo Association at Ministry of New, Mumbai, hosted by TeaTrunk.

Jetwings India On Manipuri Women’S Polo

Jetwings India On Manipuri Women’s Polo

In Jet Airways in-flight magazine, Ananya Bahl situates Manipuri women’s polo in the context of women’s sports and cultural activity in Manipur.



Polo Yatra 2017: On American And British Women’s Polo

Steve Armour, Governor-at-Large of the USPA and manager/leader, and player Audry Persano of Team USPA Women, and Annabel McNaught-Davies, captain of Hurlingham Polo Association, talk about international women’s polo on Impact TV, Manipur.

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Hyderabad Chronical

Polo Yatra 2017: Hyderabad Presents Women Polo Players

Rajvi Rao and Chaya headline women’s polo in Hyderabad: A good start to developing women’s polo in South India.

Hyderabad Toasts

Polo Yatra 2017: Hyderabad Toasts Indian Women’s Polo

Raunaq Yar Khan, scion of the Nizam of Hyderabad, hosts a hilltop party for USPA and Indian women polo players prior to presenting the cup in honor of Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, Nizam VI of Hyderabad and Sir Viqar Um-Umra.

USPA And Women’S Polo In Imphal And Jaipur

USPA And Women’s Polo In Imphal And Jaipur

Filmmaker Roopa Barua covers the 1st Manipur Statehood Day Women’s Polo Tournament in Imphal and Cowgirls v Gopis exhibition game in Jaipur, featuring Team USPA Women.

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Conde Nast Traveller

Conde Nast Traveller India On Polo In Manipur

Sandip Roy writes, with photography by Jasper Johns, on the India’s first women’s polo tournament, and more, Manipur, featuring Team USPA Women.


Spain’S Polo Lady

Spain’s Polo Lady Covers Team USPA Women In Manipur

The world’s only women’s polo magazine covers India’s first women’s polo tournament, featuring Team USPA Women, playing in Imphal and Jaipur.