Who We Are

Huntré! Equine LLP is a social enterprise that seeks to leverage the nexus of sports and culture by using strategies involving sports policy, events, arts and media, education, and infrastructure. Our working partners are Roopa Barua (Mumbai), Cherian Mathai (New York), and Edward Armstrong Polo (Virginia, US). Emma Horne Travel is our travel partner for Huntre!Adventures, our polo and sports tours initiative.

L Somi RoyL. Somi Roy (Promoter) has been working with the United States Polo Association (USPA) to bring polo teams from the USA 2013. This has led to to Huntre! Equine's Polo Yatra, the first international women's polo tour of India, now in its third year and widened to in four cities across the country, and including teams from England, Kenya and Australia. He is also working on conserving the endangered Manipuri Pony, having organized an exhibit on Manipuri polo at the International Museum of the Horse in Kentucky, and is currently spearheading the development of a natural pony preserve that he helped establish in Manipur in 2013. He organized four Major League Baseball coaching camps, and re:PLAY, an international film festival for three years on performance and sports in his native Manipur.