Who We Are

Huntré! Equine LLP is a social enterprise that seeks to leverage the nexus of sports and culture by using strategies involving sports policy, events, arts and media, education, and infrastructure. Our working partners are Roopa Barua (Mumbai), Cherian Mathai (New York), and Edward Armstrong Polo (Virginia, US). Emma Horne Travel is our travel partner for Huntre!Adventures, our polo and sports tours initiative.

L Somi RoyL. Somi Roy (Promoter) has been working with the United States Polo Association (USPA) to bring polo teams from the USA 2013. This has led to to Huntre! Equine's Polo Yatra, the first international women's polo tour of India, now in its third year and widened to in four cities across the country, and including teams from England, Kenya and Australia. He is also working on conserving the endangered Manipuri Pony, having organized an exhibit on Manipuri polo at the International Museum of the Horse in Kentucky, and is currently spearheading the development of a natural pony preserve that he helped establish in Manipur in 2013. He organized four Major League Baseball coaching camps, and re:PLAY, an international film festival for three years on performance and sports in his native Manipur.

Roy has curated for the Museum of Modern Art, for whom he is currently developing Indian film exhibitions as a guest curator, Lincoln Center, Whitney Museum, Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, The Asia Society, the American Museum of the Moving Image and UCLA. He has served as the festival director for the Asia Society, Gold Coast International Film Festival, the Asian American International Film Festival and the New York Indian Film Festival (formerly MIAAC) in the US. His exhibitions have been seen in China, India, Indonesia and Israel. He has also curated public media exhibitions including first video exhibition in Times Square, for Richard Gere and Tibet House, and at the Continental Atrium, the first on-going public video exhibition in New York. His exhibition on animation art was shown at the Atlanta Olympics and the Beijing International Conference on Women. He was the HD Producer in New York for Tokyo Broadcasting System.

Roy has taught at New York University and written on film and the arts for international journals and lectured at the National Geographic Society, the Asia Society and the Smithsonian Institution.

His translations of Manipuri literature have been published by Thema and Zubaan Books. In 2014, he started Imasi Publications, an imprint of Imasi: The Maharaj Kumari Binodini Devi Foundation in Manipur, of which he is the Founder and Managing Trustee.

L Somi RoyRoopa Barua (Partner) is a fan of the cinematic medium. She seeks to create nuanced cinema that goes beyond geography and human boundaries.

An award winning documentary filmmaker, she has been documenting women’s polo in India starting with Team USPA’s Women’s India Visit 2016 for Manipur and Jaipur. She has been involved in shooting extensively in Manipur where polo is played with the native Manipuri pony. She concluded her Team USPA coverage at the Rajasthan Polo Club. She has also covered Team USPA and Hurlingham Women’s Polo team visits to Jaipur, Hyderabad, Manipur and Mumbai in January 2017.

Roopa has won multiple awards in 2015 for her documentary Riders of the Mist – a film about a hundred year old bareback racing tradition in Assam, India with semi-feral ponies. Riders of the Mist premiered in the United States (Houston)in March 2015 and in Europe (Amsterdam) in October 2015. The film continues it’s festival run and TV broadcasts. Her short film Falkland Road was shown at the Afghan Human Rights Festival 2012.Roopa is also a frequent contributor to the movie blog ‘A Potpourri of Vestiges’. She covered the Cannes Film Festival 2015 for films in both the Palme D’Or and the Un Certain Regard categories for this blog.

Roopa has a Certificate in Film Production from New York Film Academy and has also taken film criticism courses at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to her career as a filmmaker, Roopa was a banker with Morgan Stanley in Boston and San Francisco. She has a degree in Economics and Finance from Boston University.