About Manipur

Manipur is a state in North East India. It is nestled in the mountains of the Southeastern Himalaya that rise up to 10,000 feet next to Burma (Myanmar). The size of New Jersey or of Israel, it is one of India's poorest states. Its capital Imphal is a degree north of the Tropic of Cancer.

Manipur Map North East India lies between Bhutan, Burma, China and Bangladesh. Like the people of the mountain and foothills of this region, Manipuris are part of the Tibeto-Burman ethno-linguistic minority that form about 3% of the total population of India. Manipuris number 2.2 million, about 1.5 million of which are Meiteis who inhabit the central valley. The rest are Naga and Kuki tribes who live in the surrounding hills.

Historically Manipur, the kingdom of the Meiteis, was known as Meckley, Mekhala and Kangleipak. Though it had not been a part of previous Indian empires, the 2,000-year-old kingdom became a part of British India in 1891 and a acceded to India in 1949 after the departure of the British.

Manipur is known for its performers and athletes. It is the birthplace of modern polo and its warrior culture has produced five forms of martial arts.

Travel to Manipur is restricted for foreign nationals. A special permit is required in addition to an Indian visa. This is because like much of the northeastern region of India, Manipur has an armed separatist movement.