Internesenal Film Kumhei

January 7-16, 2013
Imphal, Manipur

re:PLAY internesenal film kumhei will be held in Imphal from January 6-16, 2013. It is an international film festival on sports and performance, featuring a selection of celebrated films from Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and USA curated by Deirdre Towers from New York on the theme of "Defining Culture, Discovering Heritage". Like re:PLAY 2010 amd re:PLAY 2012,  it is a digital festival that will bring you selections that pays special attention to films about sports and performance in recognition of Manipur’s distinction in these fields.

re:PLAY 2013

  • For 10 days in January 2013, re:PLAY Internesenal Film Kumhei presents film workshops and film selections made by Deirdre Towers, Guest Curator.

  • re:PLAY 2013 also focuses on the Netherlands

  • The festival presents 3 film workshops: Advanced Screenwriting II led by Alexandra Viets from Washington D.C.; Film Appreciation and Dance Culture led by Deirdre Towers from New York; and Observational Video led by Iben Trino-Molenkamp, from New York and Amsterdam.

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