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Film Appreciation and Dance Culture:
Workshop by Deirdre Towers On film appreciation, with special focus on cultural and dance film 
January 7-13; 7 sessions

YOSHIKO CHUMADEIRDRE TOWERS will conduct Film Appreciation and Dance Culture: She produced the internationally touring Dance on Camera Festival for 18 years, edited the Dance on Camera Journal for 28 years. She was a staff member of Dance Magazine for 5 years, and contributed to over 20 publications. A professional choreographer and dancer, she has given workshops for American Ballet Theater, Dancing in the Streets/Casita Maria, and on tour with her festival in Russia.


Observational Video:
On documenting the world around you with small, digital technology 
January 7-13; 7 sessions

IBEN TRINO-MOLENKAMP has worked as a film editor and consultant on various productions focusing on social or human rights in South, Southeast Asia, and the United States. He has also worked as a film editor and curriculum consultant for the Video Advocacy Institute at WITNESS and recently worked on the Counter Memory Project, which focuses on addressing historical violence and trauma and its long term effects on Indonesia and the Netherlands through visual media. Iben studied (MA) Southeast Asian Contemporary History and Anthropology at Leiden University and was a postgraduate fellow in World History at Rutgers University and Political Science at Princeton.  


Screenwriting II:
Advanced, intensive screenwriting course
January 10-16; 7 sessions

ALEXANDRA VIETS ALEXANDRA VIETS returns to Imphal to conduct a follow-up to her Screenwriting Workshop in re:PLAY 2012. She is a screenwriter, journalist and photographer. Her screenplay, Cotton Mary, was produced by Merchant Ivory Productions. She is currently working with Sundance Institute and the Royal Film Commission in Jordan on RAWI, the 8th Arab screenwriters lab this November. and is in pre-production on Ask Me No Questions, a feature film about a Bangladeshi family fleeing NYC post 9/11. She has written for the Asian Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune and The Far Eastern Economic Review. She is the recipient of the Paul Newman Award for screenwriting, a National Endowment for Humanities Fellowship, and a grant from the Center for International Theater Development and teaches at Towson University's Department of Theater Arts in Baltimore. 


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